Brave and Barefoot

Be Brave. Join the Dance.

Thank you to all who attended Growing Into Being.

Dancing Woman by Kelcie Mitchell. Digitally Formatted by Brendan Luchik.

In-Kind Support given by:

Nathan Ellis, Ganesha Yoga and Jane Musgrave and Mindy Hanzlik, Sarah Alvin, Melissa Allen, Amelia Stamsta, Michael Peterson, Jon Alvin, Jason Shanfield, Aaron Goltz, David Chack, PresenTense Entrepreneurship Program,

Silent Auction Winners:

Kim Miller, Susanna Mlot, Taylor Anderson, Britney Jarrett, Vanessa Jankoswki, Jane Musgrave, Andrea LeVasseur, Jessica Lodal, Laurie Grauer, Devorah Richards, and Tom Undine.


Our Debut Performance and Silent Auction wouldn't have been possible without....

Auction Items donated by:

White Wolf Academy, Nathan Ellis and Aeon Designs, Karen Light, Red Bear, Aaron Goltz and Jayson Home, David Forman Project, Jon Alvin and Chrome Attic, Healing Hands and Healing Heart Bodywork, Kelcie Mitchell, Brendan Luchik, Ugly Mug Cafe, Terry Finnigan, John Fiene, David Schwartzbaum, Meagan Williams and Nomobo Salon, Jason Shanfield and Currier & Beamhouse, and Kendra Dicker and Wonder-FULL Journey.

Hors d'ouevres donated by:


Panhellenic Pastry Shop

Dill Pickle

Fennel & Iris

Pasta al Gusto

The Edge

Glazed and Infused



We thank you all for a joyously successful performance and silent auction! Look back soon for summer performances posted and our September/October performance and fundraiser.